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Supporting wind power development

Wind power is a renewable energy source with high electricity conversion efficiency. Because ultimately wind power relies on sufficient wind potential it is extremely vital to grasp the local wind conditions for precise generation capacity simulations before finalizing site selection. Moreover, environmental impact assessments need to be carried out when the wind power generation may have an impact on the surrounding environment.
Kokusai Kogyo, through a group company, has built up vast experience in wind power consulting at sites throughout Japan.

Service Features
  • The potential of a wind power development is assessed by analyzing the wind conditions over several years for each potential site.
  • Conditions are surveyed at heights of 40 to 50 meters in accordance with the height of the wind turbine.
  • Detailed topographic data is used to simulate wind conditions.
  • Our environmental impact assessments take into account the conditions and guidelines on wind power generation stipulated by the relevant local government.
  • We provide consulting solutions for public sector policy development to make the most of a region’s capacity and utilize this valuable resource, wind.