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Groundwater simulations

It is said that the twenty-first century will be the “century of water”. The earth has abundant groundwater resources, which, if used wisely, can provide an economical and high quality water supply. Moreover, groundwater measures are indispensable for many construction projects.

Groundwater simulations are an effective method of predicting and visualizing complex groundwater flows.

Kokusai Kogyo has a long history of supporting construction and water supply projects with our advanced simulation technology that gives an accurate estimation of future groundwater, river water and spring water capacities.

Service Features
  • The objective of groundwater simulations is to accurately model the exact location of groundwater flows. Our optimal analysis technology is founded on advanced geological exploration and geospatial information technologies.
  • When estimating future groundwater resources it is not only important to grasp usable water potential and geological conditions, it is vital to take into account the possible impact of climate change and changes in forests (degradation, deforestation, etc.) in catchment basins, the actual source of the water itself. Another factor to consider is the possibility of deteriorating water quality as a result of changing groundwater levels.
  • We are able to provide optimal solutions to multivariate issues based on our extensive experience and accumulated analysis data.