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Regional medical support service

Mefis (Medical facilities information system) is a medical facility information system that helps patients reach the medical facility that can provide them with the necessary tests, diagnosis, and most appropriate treatments in the quickest possible way.
This system supports complete coordination among various medical facilities and helps patients with medical emergencies, visits to general practitioners, referrals from clinics to hospitals, referrals from hospital to clinics, as well as accessing public health centers that support medical care in local communities, pharmacies, OB-GYN clinics, dental offices, and physical therapy clinics.
* Because of its contribution to the improvement of regional medical care through the use of regional information systems, Mefis was awarded the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Award at the Nikkei Regional IT Awards 2008 event sponsored by Nikkei Inc.

Service Features
  • You can search for medical facilities using medical specialties as well as symptoms as keywords.
  • The search results are displayed with facilities located closest to the patient listed first.
  • The service can be used from a cell phone.
  • The displayed search results reflect the admittance policies of medical facilities.
  • The system can accept data registration entries from individual facilities, as well as data entered by proxies.
  • The system comes with an updating input function that supports real-time updates.
  • Multiple interfaces, e.g., for general public or emergency medical technicians, can be built within a single database.
  • The use of ASPs enables the building of inexpensive, safe and secure systems.