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Calculation of CO2 absorbed by forests

With the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions an issue of current global importance, the role forests play in sequestering CO2 is being reconsidered. A forests actual carbon dioxide sequestration amount can be accurately calculated with a series of measurements, from ground-based surveys all the way through to satellite imagery analysis to measure tree type and height, trunk area and so on. By quantifying a forest’s value in this way, it is possible to provide backup evidence to objectively support a forest’s value as an environmental asset.

Service Features
  • We raise awareness of the value of forests by “visualizing” previously unseen carbon dioxide sequestration.
  • This can add new value to forests owned by the state, local governments, the private sector and individuals.
  • Such initiatives provide an important means of disseminating the virtues of our client’s environmentally-friendly activities.
  • Employing a forest sequestration certification system provides our clients with scientific credibility.