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Geospatial advantage green communitiesGeospatial information
We have continued to push the boundaries of geospatial technology to create ever more accurate maps, essential for developing social infrastructure and nation building—the backbone of economic growth. We are providing total solutions that merge our geospatial and urban planning technologies and utilizing our disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction expertise to rebuild Japan’s social infrastructure with renewable energy sources and to create safer, disaster-resistant communities of the future.

Geospatial Information

[Geospatial × ICT]Business innovation through the addition of geospatial information

[Climate change countermeasures]From disaster preparedness to emergency response, recovery, and reconstruction

[Urban development]Urban planning that makes the most of regional strengths and environmental resources / Making the nation safe for future generationsn

[Base technologies]

Georama Virtual City

Kokusai Kogyo actively contributes toward the realization of our Group Mission: “Save the Earth, Make Communities Green.” Here are some examples in the virtual city how GIS (Geographic Information System) helps in our everyday life.

Green Communitiy
Reliable Geospatial Intelligence lead the Decision