We believe that our business in itself should create shared value (CSV), by endeavoring to solve societal issues while also strengthening competitiveness and creating corporate value.

Resilience to disasters

We provide disaster risk reduction (DRR)-related solutions, from detecting and monitoring ground deformation, early warning for tsunamis and storm surge damage, to creating hazard maps, utilizing our expertise in spatial information to assist our public and private sector clients in being prepared for possible disaster events. We rapidly deploy our experts and aircraft to survey and accurately assess disaster zones, ensuring effective relief, recovery and reconstruction. Why? Because we believe that it is our social responsibility to reduce the risk posed by disasters, to increase disaster resiliency and to develop safe and secure communities.

Environmental sustainability

We contribute to climate change mitigation through the development of renewable energy plants and other environmentally-friendly projects. We work on reducing deforestation and forest degradation through REDD+ and mangrove reforestation projects in various countries. We conduct assessments for soil and water contamination and provide remediation solutions, and overall work towards achieving green communities on a global scale through our activities.

Towards more cohesive local communities

We work with local governments to encourage local community growth. We establish local power retail companies based on renewable energy, which encourages growth in local economies by creating jobs and lowering end-user energy costs. Our medical facilities information platforms and map-based administrative systems for local governments, making possible the cohesive management of roads, water utilities, property tax, disaster risk management, and urban planning, fundamentally support the well-being of communities. A next-generation communication facility, connecting the elderly and children and people with disabilities in Sendai, contributes to the promotion of diversity in our society.

Global activities

We work with UN organizations and global private sector initiatives, such as the UN Global Compact, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), and Business Ambition for 1.5°C, towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. Since the 1960s, we have also brought our expertise to various countries, through Official Development Assistance projects.

Promotion of diversity

In 1985 we set up a joint venture, TDS Co., Ltd., with Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as Tokyo’s first third-sector (non-profit) company. Now a wholly owned group company, TDS’s team of highly trained experts provides a range of services, from geospatial data processing and analysis to 3D digital mapping, while also contributing to diversity in our workplace.