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Solar photovoltaic power-related consulting

Our clients have varying objectives – from having a positive impact on the environment and reducing their carbon footprint, meeting the requirements of energy saving laws or regulations, effectively using fallow land, to obtaining income from electricity sales. Kokusai Kogyo is an electricity producer with its own power stations. Thus, we offer concrete consulting solutions born of our expertise in the energy market.

Service Features
  • We provide a range of services including monitoring, feasibility analysis for use of public facility rooftops and fallow land, support for construction tendering, formulation of installation manuals, in addition to planning schematic designs and detailed designs.
  • We also help our clients think outside the box with business plans besides the common independent solar photovoltaic power generation model, but utilizing rented rooftops or citizen funding schemes.
  • We can execute all processes from survey and planning to maintenance by tapping our Group companies’ extensive expertise gained as a pioneer developer of solar photovoltaic power stations in Europe and Japan.
  • We can visually display the solar photovoltaic generation potential of each individual rooftop using aerial photographs, digital topographic maps, and digital surface models.
    Examination of specific ways of making the most of this potential is made possible by releasing such information to and actively engaging local residents.