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Geospatial information database service PAREA

PAREA is Kokusai Kogyo’s geospatial information database. It is an up-to-date information platform, adapted into four series to flexibly meet the various needs of our clients.

Service Features
  • AreaMap Series consists of polygon data of various boundaries such as between each post code area.
    -Is an extremely detailed point database of every suburb of Japan down to individual property boundaries.
  • GeoMap Series consists of road and topography data.
    -Is a road map database covering roads, rivers, coastlines, railways, and boundaries between cities, towns, villages, etc., and also contains information for predicting traffic conditions.
  • Information Series consists of landmark data with attributes.
    -Is a database containing locations of every kind of landmark such as hospitals, schools, dentists, post offices throughout Japan, as well as attribute information for every landmark.
  • StatSeries is a series of statistical data.
    -Is a database of the population and number of households in each area of Japan down to the level of postal codes, and also ranks every household according to income level.