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Earthquake risk reduction consulting

[Comprehensive surveying and consulting services for enhancing disaster prevention capability of local municipalities]
Earthquakes in the Tokai, Tonankai, and Nankai areas, which have occurred repeatedly in the past, are expected to occur again soon. Furthermore, earthquakes centered in urban centers, such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, could occur anywhere in Japan. Earthquakes can instantly paralyze urban functions by destroying buildings, roads, and human lives.
To protect precious human lives and assets against earthquakes, Kokusai Kogyo makes disaster damage forecasts and provides solutions for promoting disaster prevention measures for local municipalities.
To reduce earthquake damage, it is important to have a realistic perception of disasters, be well prepared, and take appropriate actions when an earthquake strikes. Kokusai Kogyo provides surveying and consulting services that enable local residents and those in charge of disaster prevention in local municipalities to become familiar with disaster potentials and be prepared to act accordingly.

Service Features
  • [Providing realistic perception of disasters]

    We conduct earthquake damage forecast surveys (disaster prevention assessments) targeting prefectures as well as individual cities, towns, and villages, and use easy-to-understand figures and tables to explain the damage that earthquakes could inflict. In the case of tsunamis, because conveying a realistic image of potential damage can greatly reduce the loss of human life, we convert the simulation results into 3D CG video images.

  • [Surveys and consulting to ensure disaster readiness]

    Utilizing our disaster-related knowledge and rich operational experience, Kokusai Kogyo assists local municipalities to create or update their local disaster prevention plans. We also help improve local disaster readiness by conducting region-by-region disaster readiness surveys to identify local disaster characteristics and evacuation-related issues.

  • [Creating manuals and forecasting systems to help ensure appropriate action]

    To achieve smooth emergency operations and fast evacuation activities following an earthquake, we create disaster prevention manuals for local municipalities and disaster prevention maps for local residents. These tools are designed for easy understanding and intended to provide clear guidelines to local residents and the staff of local governments, to empower them to make decisions on their own and to take necessary actions.
    We also create earthquake damage forecast systems that enable disaster headquarters to project damage conditions and immediately begin emergency relief operations, even during the period of complete lack of information immediately following an earthquake.

  • Kokusai Kogyo is helping improve local earthquake readiness through these surveying and consulting services. Employing the latest scientific technologies combined with their own expert knowledge and experience, our specialists in earthquakes, GIS, and disaster prevention plans strive to create highly reliable, easy-to-understand products