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Japan has been focused on building its transportation network because of its importance in advancing the nation and its economy. In response to the recent changes in social conditions, there has been a shift in what is considered important as social capital. Nevertheless, establishing, maintaining, and managing a national transportation network and reorganizing transportation systems continue to be important in order to achieve a comfortable living environment, a safe and secure society, and environment-friendly transportation systems. Using the latest digital technologies, Kokusai Kogyo can provide high-quality transportation plans that meet the needs of society.

Capitalizing on its rich experience in road-related operations, Kokusai Kogyo is actively tackling the wide variety of issues now facing Japan’s roads. We offer services in many fields, including planning safe and secure road transportation networks, designing barrier-free roads that are kind to senior citizens and mobility-challenged people, creating road structures that feature attractive scenery, and supporting distribution systems that help people in their daily lives. Fully utilizing state-of-the-art digital technologies, including GISs, we have been providing the latest in services to many clients.

Service Features
  • We support the development of barrier-free project plans that make roads easy to navigate for everyone.
  • In response to the increasing popularity of bicycles in urban areas and tourist destinations, Kokusai Kogyo can conduct a wide variety of surveys related to the environment surrounding bicycle use, and has created bicycle route maps and conducted other social experiments.
  • We support next-generation urban transportation planning through the rebuilding of transportation systems, including the implementation of environmental measures and advocating revisions to the City Planning Act.
  • Utilizing the wide variety of spatial information and evaluation/analysis technologies we possess, we offer support for operations involved in distribution businesses and suggest ways to reduce your impact on the global environment.
  • We conduct various analyses and evaluations in order to provide safe and secure spaces for both pedestrians and automobiles.
  • Utilizing GIS-created digital road maps (DRM), we can express the expansion of a region in mesh increments.