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Tsunami and storm surge simulation

Tsunami and storm surge simulation

There is increasing concern that, as population and assets have become more concentrated in urban areas, transportation speed and volume have increased, and social changes such as aging of the population have progressed, the extent of damage that could occur in the event of any major disaster will be very great. Kokusai Kogyo is leveraging its spatial information survey/analysis technologies to help protect life and assets against tsunamis and storm surges.

Service Features
  • Utilizing our expertise in creating detailed topographical models, we can simulate how a tsunami will be propagated and accurately simulate a tsunami inundation scenario by taking factors such as levees and earthen berms into consideration.
  • Based on simulation results, we can create computer graphics of tsunami propagation, upland movements, and inundation; flooding damage forecasts that will be useful in reducing tsunami damage; and tsunami hazard maps, in order to communicate the danger of a tsunami to the general public in an easy-to-understand way.