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In Japan, the potential for small hydropower is highly recognized and it has been widely used for many years. Moreover, small hydropower has become the focus of attention in recent years as an independent and distributed-type energy.
Of course, to generate electricity using a small hydro turbine the number one factor is to determine whether the water flow will be sufficient.
Kokusai Kogyo offers a total range of small hydropower related consulting. We can support clients wishing to join the small hydropower market.

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  • We offer proposals utilizing JAG-Seabell – our Group company – patented Ultra Low Head (ULH) micro hydropower system, Stream.
  • We support engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) activities including precise surveys, assessments of land development construction design, related approvals and licenses.
  • We support due diligence into evaluating and developing business proposals that include scope for applying for subsidies and government assistance.