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Kokusai Kogyo was founded in 1947 based on aerial photography. For more than 70 years with our core ‘measurement technology’, we have played a vital role in building a sustainable and resilient Japan and high-quality infrastructure development. We drive our business forward harnessing the strengths of each of our employees, who have the desire to “solve social issues, contribute to society through our measurement technology, and create a sustainable planet”.

We made our start creating geospatial data to contribute to forming the foundation of postwar Japan and by developing geospatial information and a Geographic Information System (GIS) for practical use in governmental services. We subsequently expanded operations to other areas: railway and road network expansion; construction consulting, including urban planning; geological, geotechnical, marine, and coastal surveys; disaster risk management and disaster risk reduction; and the environment and energy. Today, Kokusai Kogyo is an integrated consulting firm with geospatial information technology as its bedrock, providing highly specialized technology services across a broad range of fields touching on many aspects of daily life.

From early on, we deepened our involvement in international initiatives related to building a sustainable world. In 2013, we endorsed the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which cover four areas: human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. Not only that, we also formulated our mission — “Creating a better world to pass on to future generations, through geospatial information” — our Action Guidelines, and our 2030 Vision — “A company that designs the future by connecting information with measurement technology — for people, society, and the planet”.

Currently, Japan is working to make ‘Society 5.0’ a reality through Digital Transformation (DX) and to realize a decarbonized society through Green Transformation (GX). Numerous other initiatives are in progress, for disaster risk reduction and to create a resilient Japan.

Kokusai Kogyo is also working on developing technologies and providing services to be Japan’s Digital Transformation leader, applying cutting-edge technologies such as AI, 3D urban models, and drones.
We are also aiming for the creation of a sustainable Japan, making contributions to super cities and other kinds of futuristic urban development.

Turning to Green Transformation, Kokusai Kogyo and its subsidiaries are advancing as one toward achieving its 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets. Furthermore, we are partnering with stakeholders to realize a sustainable society and planet — moving away from fossil fuels and turning toward decarbonization and renewable energy — by offering services that use our geospatial information technology.

We contribute to disaster response efforts to further the creation of a resilient society — when disaster strikes, we promptly measure and grasp the situation through surveys, providing access to information, and design plans for reconstruction and recovery.

Kokusai Kogyo and its subsidiaries have cultivated foundational technologies over its long history. Building on them, we are always looking one step ahead toward the future and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society in partnership with our customers. We believe our mission is to devote ourselves constantly to innovating our trustworthy technologies and, even as we face turbulent times, accurately understand the needs of society and our customers, while steadily providing the technologies, services, and new value needed.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you and greatly appreciate your ongoing support as we work toward achieving our mission and vision for the future.
Sandra Wu,
Chairperson and Executive Officer
Satoshi Hijikata
President and Executive Officer