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Operation and maintenance of roads

Now that Japan’s focus has shifted from building infrastructures to managing them, road management has become extremely important within the national government’s road-related policies. Simultaneously, road-related data has also become essential for other operations within the electronic local governments. A great variety of road stock has been accumulated during the integration of social activities over many years. However, the number of roads is now so large that managing them using various types of conventional registers has become difficult. Digitizing the various types of registers, organizing them as spatial information, and managing them using a GIS can greatly reduce the number of cumbersome administrative operations required.
Based on the concept of integrated GISs, Kokusai Kogyo is proposing a new road management framework that can be expected to offer benefits to road management as well as many other fields.

Service Features
  • We digitize paper-based road registers and maps while maintaining accuracy.
  • By digitizing road registers, we can improve the accuracy and sophistication of road management operations.
  • Our service enables you to centrally manage road-related facilities and roadside structures.
  • Our service simplifies the management of reference points, boundary points, and boundary identification.
  • Collecting omni-directional image data and associating it with positional data allows us to further improve the efficiency of road management operations.
  • Sharing road data with other departments responsible for urban planning, fixed properties, water, and sewage results in the reduction of costs and improvements in the speed and quality of communication.