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Area marketing combining location information with statistical information using a geographic information system (GIS) is an extremely strong tool when planning the location of stores and analyzing trade areas. Kokusai Kogyo’s marketing GIS EarthFinder is capable of advanced area analysis, as it is packed with analysis functions and detailed map data.
It is a highly effective tool for developing marketing strategies and also enables rapid production of marketing materials with its printout function of reports of analysis results.

Service Features
  • Enables development of effective marketing strategies by combining highly-accurate map data and local information.
  • Enables effective planning of leaflet distribution by showing areas where marketing materials have been distributed.
  • Enables logistics plans to be easily made and management of location information.
  • Enables effective marketing by accurately displaying client distribution and location on maps.
  • Enables prediction of store revenues when planning location by analyzing market share and customer retail volumes by area.
  • nables easy and rapid production of marketing materials according to various statistical conditions and area.