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Consulting for low-carbon community development

A sustainable and low-carbon perspective is vital for any urban planning or regional development project in this day and age. A development must be both comfortable to live in while at the same time having a low impact on nature.

Our urban development and mixed-use rezoning* projects cater to both such needs with initiatives for low-carbon lifestyles such as energy saving and renewable energy generation systems, car sharing, and local “eco point” trading schemes.

  • Our consulting teams can manage land development projects of every size and complexity from those on a regional scale to urban and private property developments.
  • We provide comprehensive consulting services that encompass a range of expertise from urban planning, road management, environmental and energy fields.
  • We undertake urban developments on behalf of central and local governments.
* In a mixed-use rezoning project, multiple landowners organize themselves into a committee, and each agrees to contribute a part of their land for the building of new roads and parks, as well as public and/or commercial facilities. The property values of the remaining adjacent residential lands increase when the additions of these new elements improve living conditions and traffic convenience. This makes the whole suburb healthier, property market-wise.