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Low-carbon urban developer

Currently, low-carbon urban development that ensures a light environmental footprint by employing the latest environmental technologies is gaining widespread attention. Such technologies allow not only for the generation of ecologically-friendly energy and energy conservation, but also energy management systems are capable of controlling energy consumption for greater efficiencies.
Such low-carbon urban developments depend on the cooperation of a wide-range of experts, from construction and engineering to energy and IT fields. Our teams at Kokusai Kogyo have extensive experience in urban development consulting including land readjustment projects and are expert at coordinating the various parties involved.

Service Features
  • We get low-carbon urban developments moving in the right direction through our impartial coordination of a range of stakeholders such as land owners, local authorities, local companies and universities.
  • We make the most of our group-wide strengths in renewable energy development.
  • We have extensive experience conducting government funded feasibility studies on the latest technologies to bring them to the market.