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Address-normalizing converter and geocoding tool

Because increases in the number of routes for acquiring and registering customer data have made it impossible to standardize address-coding methods, many organizations are not effectively utilizing customer address data. Furthermore, as a result of the enactment of the Personal Information Protection Law, organizations can no longer outsource the work of reorganizing customer data and have to reorganize a huge volume of address data in-house in many cases.
In such cases, our geocoder, “Address-Normalizing Converter” can be extremely useful because it normalizes addresses and assigns latitude and longitude numbers to each address.

  • [Address clean-up]
    Our service eliminates address-coding inconsistencies, converts pre-merger addresses into post-merger addresses, and standardizes methods for coding streets and house numbers.
  • [Geocoding]
    Our service assigns latitude and longitude numbers to each address and includes them in Google Maps or other map systems such as GIS, so that they can be utilized for customer analysis, etc.
  • Allows addresses to be updated twice a year.