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Urban green space planning

We at Kokusai Kogyo make urban green space plans, based on the Urban Green Space Law, by involving a wide range of stakeholders, from both private and public sectors to local residents, to encourage sharing of their respective initiatives, goals and visions for the future of green spaces, to ensure these views become part of the government’s – local and central – initiatives for green space development and conservation. The green space plans then become the foundation for practical awareness raising initiatives such as tree planting and leaf recycling events. Such measures are a catalyst for more people to feel closer to nature and lay the groundwork for more proactive expansion of green spaces.

Service Features
  • Our green space plan development process strongly emphasises community involvement, thereby encouraging residents and companies to be proactive in tree planting and conservation initiatives.
  • We collaborate with community PR measures to widely promote green space conservation and planting initiatives.
  • We bring greater efficiency to the planning process by managing all kinds of local data in one central and easily accessible place, a geographic information system (GIS) that streamlines data acquisition and storage.