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Water supply data management support

At present, population decreases, heightening awareness about the need to reduce water usage, and better water-saving technologies are reducing the revenues of water service agencies. At the same time, to be able to offer residents a stable supply of safe and delicious water, water service agencies must work to address many issues, including deteriorating facilities, earthquake retrofitting, and environmental problems. In order to efficiently carry out water service operations and meet residents’ expectations within a limited budget, it is necessary to properly manage and utilize the massive amounts of data and information involved, as well as the water supply facilities surrounding water service operations.
Merging our expertise as a leading corporation in performing surveys and handling spatial information, with the experience in planning, designing, maintaining, and managing water supply systems we have nurtured over many years, Kokusai Kogyo can suggest the best methods for maintaining and managing water supply facilities, provide operation management tools including mapping systems, and help you build appropriate databases.

Service Features
  • By centrally managing facility data and design drawings, we improve the efficiency and sophistication of operations.
  • We help you develop accurate construction plans, leak prevention measures, and supply-interruption prevention measures that do not rely on experience or intuition alone.
  • We run simulations of optimum water-pipe network designs based on pipe network analyses.
  • We can support agencies in managing a wide variety of operations related to water service, such as developing disaster countermeasures and handling water service applications.