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Bringing the future one step closer, through geospatial information technology

Kokusai Kogyo kicked off a new era in corporate management on May 1, 2013. Continuing the corporate growth strategy implemented in FY2011 we are now taking structural reform and new business strategies to a new level, in order to propel our corporate growth even further.

Along with bringing in the next, and younger, generation into our management, we have separated our execution and corporate management functions. This decisive reform gives Kokusai Kogyo a corporate structure better suited to respond rapidly to market changes, with speedy decision-making achieved through the clear separation of responsibilities between execution and management. Kokusai Kogyo is committed to providing our clients with even faster and higher quality services through these reforms.

Kokusai Kogyo is proud of its 66-year long history of providing engineering consulting services based on geospatial information technology expertise, and the role we have so far played in developing Japan’s social infrastructure. We have constantly provided society with its needs of the times, be it national geospatial data, road and railway expansion planning, or disaster management planning. We will continue to combine cutting-edge geospatial information technology with know-how accumulated through years of experience in supporting various local government services. Our public sector clients will benefit from our vast range of services and expertise such as in asset and utility management and disaster risk reduction and prevention.

We understand that our ultimate customers are citizens or taxpayers. We support government offices so that they can provide the public with the best possible services by building on our traditional strength in this market with a new concept, Business to Government to Citizens (BtoGtoC).

We will also expand our range of solutions targeting the growing private sector market, by tailoring our government-proven services. We are developing new technological products and services with renewed awareness of consumer trends in order to break into new markets through Business to Business to Consumer (BtoBtoC) services. A near-term opportunity for us is the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System1 being deployed by Japan. This will tremendously increase the accuracy of existing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and will revolutionize sectors reliant on location information, such as transportation. We are ready for this revolution with location-based service (LBS) technologies suitable for a multitude of applications, based on our market-leading strength in geospatial information technologies.

Kokusai Kogyo will strive to develop innovative products and services that flexibly capture consumer trends and important public sector related issues, by staying attuned to changes in people’s perceptions of society and the world at large. We at Kokusai Kogyo will renew our perceptions, employ inventive thinking, and stay aware of potential new market opportunities.

We also reemphasize our environmental and renewable energy businesses, which we at Kokusai Kogyo have already been strengthening, as an area for strategic growth. With environmental conservation becoming a major concern in the world today, renewable energy is a sector expected to grow in much the way infrastructure and construction sectors grew rapidly during Japan’s post-war period of high economic growth. Kokusai Kogyo, with its track record of developing renewable energy power plants and low-carbon-footprint urban developments, will aggressively expand its environmental and renewable energy businesses by utilizing its geospatial information technological expertise.

We must also mention that our focus is not only on the Japanese market. We will expand our offering of engineering consulting services, from the development of social infrastructure, to environmental and renewable energy businesses, disaster risk reduction, and disaster management planning, to Asian markets experiencing rapid growth both in terms of population and industrial capacity.

We, at Kokusai Kogyo, together with our clients, will utilize our strong technological foundation to build a better society, and to bring us one step closer to our future. We believe it is our mission to accurately grasp the needs of not only our clients but of society as a whole, and to ensure our services match those needs, even in such rapidly changing times. We look forward to your continued support in our endeavours, as we turn these words into reality.

Sandra Wu, Wen-Hsiu
Chairperson and CEO
Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Satoshi Hijikata
Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.

1 The proposed Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) is a regional time transfer system and Satellite Based Augmentation System for Global Positioning Systems that would be receivable within Japan. In March 2013 the Japanese government announced it would be expanded from a three-satellite to a four-satellite system.