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Established:10 June 2017

<KKC-IMS Policy>

Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (KKC) will:

Aim to increase customer satisfaction — by offering products and services that meet the needs of our customers and the market — while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. KKC also establishes and complies with Integrated Management System (IMS) rules that are in line with other requirements — that KKC agrees with such as those demanded by communities and society.

Establish and maintain a management system that conforms to standards (ISO, etc.) in order to continuously conduct corporate activities that are founded on the improvement of service and product quality; environmental conservation and effective use of resources; appropriate management of information assets, including personal information; occupational health and safety risk reduction; improvement of business continuity capability; management support of social infrastructure; and compliance with ethics, laws and regulations.

Aim to improve business performance by continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system — KKC-IMS — and operational processes.


Kokusai Kogyo Integrated Management System (KKC-IMS)

KKC-IMS is a management system developed internally for the integrated management of our entire business. It seamlessly integrates nine management systems, namely: quality management, environmental management, information security management, personal information security, occupational health and safety, business continuity, asset management, ethical and legal compliance, and risk management. This system is our infrastructure, our tool kit, for managing and improving our business and operations. We aim, with this system, to seamlessly and effectively manage and operate our entire company — both our core activities (technology and sales) and support activities (management).