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Kokusai Kogyo’s Chairperson and CEO’s blog post about climate change is now online

A blog post introducing private sector actions against climate change by Sandra Wu, Wen-Hsiu, Kokusai Kogyo's Chairperson and CEO, has been posted online on 2 December 2015, as part of a blog series on the World Economic Forum blog site.


The blog series is part of the activities of the Climate CEO Initiative, which is facilitated by the World Economic Forum and joined by 78 CEOs from around the world. The initiative as well as the blog series sends a message to world leaders and stakeholders gathering for the COP21 climate talks, and express support by the business community for their reaching an ambitious climate deal. This blog post is written from the point of view of the survey and geospatial information sector.


The Climate CEO Initiative has to date released two open letters, the first on April 2015, and a second on 23 November 2015, with 78 companies representing a variety of industries and countries acknowledging climate change as an extremely important issue and describing how they have begun taking action. The Initiative represents both the worldwide spread and sizeable interest from the business community by its composition, now counting 21 signatories from BRICs countries, and with the combined revenue of its 78 signatory companies equivalent to India’s economy by GDP.


Kokusai Kogyo, as one of the signatories of this Climate CEO Initiative, will continue to provide solutions for climate change mitigation as well as climate change adaptation via our core competency, geospatial information, to our private and public sector clients.


◆Link to blog post by our Chairperson and CEO

How can we prepare our cities for climate change? By Sandra Wu Wen-Hsiu



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